About Us

Having Challenges to help your child to get better grades in their Studies? Or simply to maintain their existing good grade.

Have you ever wonder why your child’s classmates are always seems to be doing better? Is your child always playing the catch-up games? Are there ways to give an extra push to get the As and maintain there?

Engaging a suitable and experienced tutor is always one viable solution to better grades. There is no secret to it. A difficult Maths problem can be turned into an easy one when the teacher share how it can be done. Similarly, won’t you agree that following certain structure and approach can fit your essay into the marking criteria and making it easier to score better.

Also, many times, a simple clarification for a ‘struck’ step from the tutor saves the student hours of homework time.

At Kiasu Tuition, we have a range of tutors to choose from at different location in Singapore.

Whether you are looking for a MOE Teacher, a first-class Graduate tutors, full time tutors, or part-time tutors for English, Chinese, Maths, A Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Principles of Accounting, Biology, etc, you can easily find a suitable one catering to your child needs at their level.

Why People Choose Us?

Our success is based on two basic principles: to employ only the highest quality tutors and to possess a passion for education and improvement. We believe that tutors have a great impact on students’ academic performance. As such, all tutors are carefully reviewed and curated by our professional team before they are listed on our platform.

We understand that every student is unique in their own way, and they have face their own unique set of challenges and difficulties. Regardless which subjects or topics that you may be facing, or if you are unsure which tutor to select from, simply leave us a message and we will advise the best-suited tutor to you.

Our passion to help students succeed is what motivates us each day. We want to help all our students perform well, and we have carefully prepared a set of free practice papers and questions for you to practice. Head over to our “Free Resources” page to download now!